Hello World!

February 13, 2016

Today I’m relaunching a blog.

This will be a place for me to make new announcements about things that I’m working on or big events in my life. It’ll be a mix of personal and professional. I think that from time to time I might even post about some of my findings in coding and things like that, both as a personal reminder and to help anyone else out.

So, the basics: 

No schedule. I’m not going to hold myself to posting every day, every week, or even every month. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep this running for a long time, maybe it’ll go quiet within a year.

The content. Like I said, it’ll probably be a mix of both personal things and some stuff that’s more on the professional side. Don’t expect it to be a blog about coding but also don’t expect something like an Instagram feed.

The future. I might keep this running until I die. I might stop using it after a few weeks. Who knows? No one. Also, I might move to a different platform for this. Part of me wants to create my own system. We’ll just have to see. I’m sure if anything like that comes up, I’ll probably end up making a post about it.

So, here’s to the future. Whatever it may hold.